X. Super Exclusive Mini Consult - 40 Minute Brain Picking

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X. Super Exclusive Mini Consult - 40 Minute Brain Picking
  • $145.00

Book a super special 40 minute phone or voice-skye consult. This is a special mini version of my pick-my-brain consult hours. 

You have questions about social media, marketing, customer retention, email campaigns, adding value, blogging, Etsy... heck, you have a lot of questions! I know, because I have had the same questions before and because I've been helping sellers just like you overcome these confusing hurdles and start making progress not just plans.


Have a struggle you need to work through? Or want a fresh perspective on your biz? I'm happy to chat with you! It's one of my favorite things actually

Ask me anything about marketing, Etsy, Shopify, Handmade business in general, blogging, growing your audience, email marketing, social media, expanding your reach, or any other burning question you have that you'd like my thoughts on! 

All information is personalized to you!  I will email you to follow up regarding setting up a time and to get your information (website, blog, social accounts etc) so I can be familiar with your work ahead of time.


If you live in the USA you can choose to do a phone call or a Skype call. If you are abroad, we will use Skype.

Once you purchase your booking, I will follow up with you Via email to set up a time for us to chat!


All sales of this mini consult are final due to the limited availability and booking window. Calls must take place within the month you've booked for. No refunds, returns, exchanges or other will be offered before or after the service is provided, due to the personalized nature of this offering. When you book a consult you are booking specialized 1-1 time with me, this is an opportunity for you to "pick my brain". The only thing that is off limits is supply sources or trade secrets related to my embroidery practice, because it is good practice not to ask. ;) otherwise, i'm an open book. See full policy for more details.

By purchasing you agree to the terms of use.

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