Reserved for Clare

The Merriweather Council

Reserved for Clare
  • $1,600.00

second payment for shop overhaul


agreement between Danielle Spurge-Swavely + Clare Hansen for Etsy Shop Overhaul

Danielle will redo All 132 active listings in Clare’s shop, over the course of 7-10 days beginning january 29th 2016.


Edit of existing listings includes: title, tags, description with applicable formatting, back links etc PLUS formation or reformation of shop sections if/as needed.


Danielle agrees to also look at the shipping profiles in Clare’s shop to see if they make sense and either suggest updates or make updates with Clare’s permission to the profiles.


Danielle will review the work Clare has done based on the Etsy Course.


Danielle and Clare will have a Skype/ Google Hang out (exact platform tbd) for 30 minutes to review what work was done and answer any of Clare’s questions after the overhaul is complete.

 Final sale. no refunds, exchanges, replacements, etc. Edits are final upon completion 

Clare agrees to payment plan as outlined:

Pays for 60 listings, totaling to begin (down payment): $1500

(will be charged later:) Pays for remaining 72 listings once first 60 are finished: $1600


total: $3,100 made in two payments



Danielle will begin work on first 60 listings upon first payment. 

Danielle will begin work on remaining 72 listings upon second payment.

Timeline for total overhaul may shirt depending on how payment of the second installment.


Danielle agrees to overhaul Clare’s shop using the best practices she teaches in her course and uses in her own shop consistent with the current landscape of Etsy and their suggestions. Danielle begins with Clare’s shop as is and makes changes to existing listings. Results cannot be guaranteed. 


Clare will handle the shop photos.


Clare has provided Danielle with access credentials to her etsy shop (username and password) and Danielle agrees to keep this information private and to use it only for the discussed project. 

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