X. OTO Email Marketing + List Nurturing Class

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X. OTO Email Marketing + List Nurturing Class
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You already know you should have an email list but what do you do with it? And holy heck is it going to take up so much valuable time?! It doesn't have to. In this class I will show you how I generate months worth of email content in a single sitting. Among other things...

There is a lot of talk out there about how to use your email list -- but most of it is for bloggers and coaches. Not so much for makers and product based businesses though! Well lucky you, you found it.

No more letting your "leads get cold" by not emailing them for 4 months, or feeling timid to promote subscriptions to your list because you "barely use it anyway." Nope, we are going to solve this.

This class covers:

  • Stop letting leads go cold by establishing a communication plan
  • How to basically never run out of things to say to your list
  • Setting a schedule for communication
  • Determining what counts as "valuable content"
  • A simple, hassle free technique you can use to email your list consistently  without driving yourself bonkers.
  • Defining the benefits of email marketing and using email to nurture your customers and prospects so they stay connected to you!
  • Tech training for content organization and automation 

This class is divided into two video parts running a total of 98 minutes

This class also includes:

  • Step by step tech training to show you key pieces of the automation and set up process using my favorite email platform. (While this tech training is specific to one platform, the overall concepts laid out in this class can be accomplished with many other services.)

This class is presented in slideshow video with voice and screencast video form.

All class content is hosted on my course site. Instructions for access will be delivered immediately upon purchase via downloadable file on the confirm page as well as in your email inbox. Baring any insane technological issues, class content can be expected to the be available 24/7 starting today and indefinitely beyond.

Due to the nature of this material, all sales are final.  By purchasing you agree to the terms of use.

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