OTO How to Get Featured on Etsy // ebook

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OTO How to Get Featured on Etsy // ebook
  • OTO How to Get Featured on Etsy // ebook
  • OTO How to Get Featured on Etsy // ebook
  • OTO How to Get Featured on Etsy // ebook
  • OTO How to Get Featured on Etsy // ebook
  • OTO How to Get Featured on Etsy // ebook
  • OTO How to Get Featured on Etsy // ebook
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Wouldn't it be great to have your work prominently displayed where loads of people who love shopping handmade will see it? That's exactly what being Featured on Etsy is. Your product, positioned well in front of an audience that is keen to buy your product! And it can be hugely impactful for your business.

E X P E R I E N C E   M A T T E R S

My Etsy shop has been featured on Etsy multiple times per year, every year, for the past 6 years!

Editors' Picks, Featured Shop, Etsy Finds, Front page, Browse page... merriweathercouncil.etsy.com has been featured in all of these ways. And each time, my shop experienced an increased in traffic and sales. 

My students have also had their items featured on and by Etsy!  And you can unlock all the info you need in order to make this more-likely to happen for your own shop now in this new ebook! I've made it easy to read and understand and included my best tips and insights for you!

F E A T U R E S   A R E   A W E S O M E

Any feature or mention of your work is great, but and Etsy feature is SUPER GREAT. In this 15 page ebook I will explain exactly why being Featured by or on Etsy is hugely beneficial to your business as a whole AND how to increase your chances of making it happen!

Getting found by shoppers is great but there are important factors beyond search ranking that you have more control over that can really amplify your reach! I'll lay them all out of you in this ebook.

W H A T   Y O U ' R E   GU N N A   G E T   T H E   S K I N N Y   O N

+ An inside look at how an Etsy feature can give your shop a big boost

+ An overview of all the places Etsy could feature your shop or listings

+ How to speak Etsy’s Language + where to look to learn it

+ Understanding Etsy’s goal for the features they run and how to position your shop for inclusion

+ Quick and easy actions you can take today to increase your chances of being featured by Etsy!

+ Tips for staying aware of what’s of interest to those picking the featured listings (PLUS a BONUS list of exactly which admins are currently in charge of curating many of these features and a tip about why you'd want to know that. *wink*)

+ How to create feature-friendly listings 

+ Ways to modify your existing products to make them more feature friendly 

+ The three keys to being featured on Etsy

+ What to pay attention to both on and off Etsy to give your shop the best possible chance of being featured.

+ Strategies for getting the attention of Etsy editors

B E C A U S E   Y O U   A R E   A   V I S U A L ,   C R E A T I V E   P E R S O N

I have included visual aids throughout the ebook because, pictures.


A list of the admin you want to follow for super hints and insights about merchandising plans Etsy may have 

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