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X. Merri University // Social Media Marketing Class
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We all love social media, but we would love it a lot more if we understood how to use it effectively to drive traffic and promote sales in our shops! 

This class will uncover how to better create and curate content that connects people to your brand via social media. Because that is what you want to do right? Reach more relevant people?

If you feel like you post a lot, say a lot, and promote a lot and have nothing to show for it, you need a better strategy. Also if you've been consumed by numbers, let me tell you they matter a whole lot less than you think. This is truly a quality over quantity situation.

This class will cover:

  • The strengths and virtues of the most popular social networks
  • Defining your approach to social media by picking the best platforms and setting realistic expectations.
  • To share or not to share? When it's all about you and when it's not. 
  • Content generation for makers aka what to post when you feel like you've repeated yourself a hundred times in a row.
  • How to increase the likelihood your content will get shared.
  • Content organization. 
  • Why consistency is key and how to keep it up
  • How to get more out of the posts you have and the posts you will create in the future.

This video runs 77 minutes

This class also includes:

1 done-for-you list of useable Calls to Action

1 done-for-you list of content ideas for Instagram

All class content is hosted on my course site. Instructions for access will be delivered immediately upon purchase via downloadable file on the confirm page as well as in your email inbox. Baring any insane technological issues, class content can be expected to the be available 24/7 starting today and indefinitely beyond.

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