Merri University // Marketing + Merchandising 101 Class

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Merri University // Marketing + Merchandising 101 Class
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The second class in MerriU is going to lay the foundation for strong marketing efforts and merchandising practices for your handmade business.

Marketing sounds like a big scary topic -- mostly that is very well founded! What many people fail to realize is that merchandising is actually way more important and way less scary. You can drive traffic to your shop all day but if it's not sticking around, what's the point?

This class will cover:

  • What is marketing? What is merchandising? Getting clear on both and understanding the difference.
  • What comes first and where to begin - generally understanding the flow of operations.
  • Understanding the process a person goes through as they transform from random passerby to brand fan.
  • Marketing examples and ideas to try.
  • Merchandising examples and ideas to try.
  • How to use content to connect with your ideal audience.

This class runs 47minutes video time.

All class content is hosted on my course site. Instructions for access will be delivered immediately upon purchase via downloadable file on the confirm page as well as in your email inbox. Baring any insane technological issues, class content can be expected to the be available 24/7 starting today and indefinitely beyond.

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