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With Jen Hatzung as lead teacher for this class, we will teach you how partnering with others can grow your brand presence and drive new, targeted traffic to your shop. Influencer marketing can genuine, honest and a gold mine!

This class will cover:

  • What influencer marketing really is and how it can help you grow your audience.
  • How to find and use content that is right under your nose before you dive into finding influencers.
  • Influencer marketing vs. brand reps vs. brand ambassadors and enthusiasts - what is the difference, which one is for you?
  • Why you need to look beyond someone's followers to see if they are a good fit. (15,000 people sounds like a lot but what if none of them are your Ideal Customers? Meanwhile, someone with 2,000 followers might reach 400 or more of your Ideal Customers every day!)
  • Why demographics are so 2007, we are going to teach you all about psychographics and why people's attitudes and aspirations are what you need to hone in on.
  • What does influencer marketing cost? Do you have to pay an influencer? Do you have to give product away? We'll answers these questions and more!
  • Ways to make sure you are utilizing the content produced by your influencers to their full potential.

This video runs 69 minutes.

UPDATED fall 2017 with contract sample + additional 15 minute video

This class is presented in slideshow video with voice form. This class is co-taught with Jen as lead.

About Jen:

Jen has a background in social media management, online strategy engagement, and influencer marketing in both the non-profit world and working for a social shopper agency that pairs brands with bloggers. She has worked with brands and organizations such as Joining Forces {Lead by First Lady Michelle Obama & Dr. Biden}, Facebook, Google, Disney, USAA, Macy's, Cost Plus World Market, Land of Nod (Crate & Barrel), BJ's Restaurants, The Honest Company (Jessica Alba), TIME/People Magazine, Huggies, Home Depot, Safeway, Kroger, Walgreens, Target, CVS, Walmart, Rubbermaid and many more. Jen is a new mama, a podcaster, an avid runner, and a coffee junkie.

All class content is hosted on my course site. Instructions for access will be delivered immediately upon purchase via downloadable file on the confirm page as well as in your email inbox. Baring any insane technological issues, class content can be expected to the be available 24/7 starting today and indefinitely beyond. 

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