X. MB Handmade Shop Owner's Communication Kit // ebook

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X. MB Handmade Shop Owner's Communication Kit // ebook
  • X. MB Handmade Shop Owner's Communication Kit // ebook
  • X. MB Handmade Shop Owner's Communication Kit // ebook
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Have you ever festered for days in self doubt agony rehashing various responses to emails, comments or convos? Probably.

The truth is we have ALL done it. It sucks. And it causes us to do all sorts of unfavorable things like, reach our personal limit and just answer hastily despite all the time we've spent thinking on it. Or worse, bring our issue to a large group of people and asking for input... which is when we get TOO many opinions, you lose track of what we originally thought was best - many times for the worse. When you get too many opinions, you lose track of what you originally thought was best- you second guess yourself and you waste time.

Bottom line is that when we don't feel confident or clear on what we want to do or say, we waste time sourcing answers or piecing answers together from all other the place - it's a distraction and a form of procrastination.

Time is precious. And that's why I created the Communication Kit - a resource you can keep on your computer for quick reference any time you get one of those difficult to answer inquiries.




This ebook covers my best tips and talking points for answering 13 of the most UGH-inducing, awkward or otherwise complicated messages you re bound to get from prospects, customers and peers. I know these are SO super common because I've gotten them all, and I've seen other sellers ask about them MULTIPLE times per week online, in groups, or in my own inbox!

Use my own go-to responses as they are or put your own spin on it. Or simply use them as a starting point to get to smarter, more professional answers, fuller responses and better outcomes quicker!

Time is precious. Let's get these questions answered, these requests dealt with and these hanging tasks completed.

No you can stop crowdsourcing for answers and give better, more articulate answers, quicker. You can cut your inbox time and give more thought-out responses that lay out all the details, facts and must-know-info from the start.

You will feel more confident giving the responses you want to give and know are best for you while maintaining your own voice and vibe in your communications.

As your trusted friend, I will help you make your thoughts clearer, or provide you with a starting point when you just aren't sure what to do.


M O R E  I N F O  P L E A S E

This 14 page ebook will guide you through tips and talking points for handling awkward situations with peers, prospects and customers. Subject matter / responses are specific to handmade shop owners but this guide is not platform specific.

This ebook will be available for download immediately upon purchase + is in PDF format. Each page is simply laid out, easy to read and features a pop of color for fun.

You can keep this book "in your back pocket" so to say, and refer to it as needed or read through it for easier communication going forward.

Don't waste another precious hour of your life shuffling through forums and groups looking for or asking the same questions over and over about how to proceed with awkward comments, messages or situations in your handmade business. Based on my observations, this ebook would be great for newer sellers especially but also appropriate for many established sellers as well.

E X A C T   I T E M S   C O V E R E D

  • Package is marked as delivered but customer doesn't have it / package is MIA
  • Donation requests
  • Buyer wants a "bulk" discounts
  • Item isn't what I was expecting
  • Customer wants a proof before purchase
  • Customer wants to call you to discuss
  • Customer wants to arrange an in person meet up to discuss or pick up
  • Buyer purchased wrong listing / listing for less expensive item
  • Buyer leaves order note stating they need the item much sooner than the stated turn around time
  • Turning down work you have no interest in
  • Another seller wants to trade and you have no interest
  • Buyer wants you to copy someone else's work
  • Photo shared without credit

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