Pick my Brain Consultation Hour


Pick my Brain Consultation Hour
  • Pick my Brain Consultation Hour
  • Pick my Brain Consultation Hour
  • Pick my Brain Consultation Hour
  • Pick my Brain Consultation Hour

+ + Limited Monthly Availability. + +

Hey there, fellow craft business owner!

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Your hustle isn't easy, and i get that! I built my handmade business from zero and so i understand the struggles and nuances that go into this!

I also know that there are plenty of resources online... but nothing can compare to a personalized business chat! 

When you have questions specific to your business, or want feedback one something you are doing, or simply need some direction for what to do next, I can help!

Book a one-on-one session with me so we can sit down for a digital meet up and chat about your creative business! I love hopping on Skype to chat with fellow creatives about their business building struggles and victories. I really honestly get such a thrill out of helping people position their products, build their brands and hone their digital presence!


Please leave a short note about topics you'd like to cover and a link to any of your websites in the "personalization details" box along with a link to your website if you have one.

T O P I C S  O F   D I S C U S S I O N   M A Y  I N C L U D E 

+ sorting through any of the random struggles that come up with small business

+ best practices for managing accounts, shipping, inventory

+ setting up a standalone site for selling your work off-marketplace

+ building a cohesive and recognizable brand

+ optimizing your Etsy shop if you have one

+ marketing strategies to drive traffic

+ social media marketing

+ branding within the Etsy framework

+ working with wholesalers or consignment shops

+ best practices for photographing products

+ finding other helpful resources

+ prepping for busy times and holiday seasons

+ anything else you wish to discuss pertaining to getting your work, brand or shop

+ Just let me know what you want clarity on or what questions you have!

G O O D  T O  K N O W

Call recording is available so you don't even need to take notes! Review your call with me as many times as you'd like! I will voice and video record our call and upload it to a video hosting site where you and only you can access the playback! The video will be password protected and hidden from the public.

W H Y  M E ?

I have been selling my creative products online as well as through consignment outlets, wholesale and craft shows for the past 6 years. I love this kind of work and I encourage this lifestyle for creatives. 

Now that I have experience and insight, I want to advise others on how to build their brand as a craft based entrepreneur running a small-scale business.

W H A T  I S  A  C O N S U L T  L I K E ?

I will follow up with you via email once your payment is processed to discuss a time that will work for us to "meet"! 

If you have any questions prior booking, please email me! danielle@merriweathercouncil.com or use the contact form.

We will jump on Skype together and discuss whatever you want! Really! It's up to you! This is an hour dedicated to getting you the help you need and the answers you are looking for.

Before we meet, I will review your links/ shops/ notes/ etc create some points for us to cover based on my observations - and we will also go over any questions you have. The time is yours, so let me know if there is anything specific you'd like to discuss.

*Please note, you do need a Skype account but it is free and easy to use. If you prefer to use Google Hangout please let me know. Do know that recording is not available for Google Hangout calls.

We will both log on to Skype and I will send you an invite to video chat at the time we decide upon together.

Skype allows us to make use of screen sharing if we need to take a look inside your shop, site or account!

Everything we discuss will be tailored to you - your struggles, your brand, your products. That's the beauty of sitting down one on one - you could spend a year or more searching for reliable info from around the internet or you could save yourself some time + headache and learn from my experiences, mistakes and victories.



F I N E   P R I N T

While I do coach on and teach Etsy, I am an independent consultant and I am not affiliated with, endorsed or employed by Etsy Inc. I make no guarantees about results. This is a non refundable/ returnable/ exchangeable offering, all sales are final due to their personalized nature. 

I can't wait to work with you!

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