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Christmas is such a wonderful time of year - so much comfort and great food and special events. Not to mention all the quality Mariah Carey time we get!! Add to that it is such a marvelous time of year for retailers! Truly, it is the most wonderful time of the year.

But only if you get to ENJOY both of those experiences: personal and business.

C H R I S T M A S I N G  H A P P E N S  F A S T

There are about 18 days between the time the average american begins thinking about shopping for Christmas, and the typical shipping cut off date for online shops. 18. DAYS. That doesn't include people who need orders a week early for traveling and it doesn't account for people who are last minute shoppers.

You want to make the most of that time and in order to do so, you need a goal and a strategy for getting there!

Y O U  C A N   D O  I T  I F  Y O U  S T A R T  N O W

The great news is, you have the time you need to determine all that will go into reaching that holiday goal and maximizing that shopping window! And I'm going to help you make the most of THAT time too.

That time? Right now!

Online shops will see a decrease in sales in the warmer months . It’s just the fact of the matter. 

I say, rather than try to increase revenue in the summer - which is a losing battle - we should spend our energy planning, plotting and positioning for streamlined success at the holidays. 

E A S Y  A S  1 , 2 , ... 7 !

Learn about my 7 part approach for holiday prep, as outlined in my acronym:





Updates + Upgrades



 W H A T   I S  T H E   U N S L U M P

This 35 page work + guide book will lead you through the seven parts of my formula: unplug, network, strategy, logistics, updates and upgrades, merchandize and promote! All in an effort to get you thinking ahead and strategizing for the holidays during the slower summer months.

The Program also includes 2 videos totaling more than 45 minutes running time wherein I sat down with two other sellers to discuss holiday prep.

  • In the first video, I spoke with handmade superstar, Julie of Julieannart - together we are two long time sellers and experts in selling handmade products online. We spoke candidly about our experiences and advice plus I asked her some of the same questions my students ask me often!
  • In the second video, I spoke with Sarah of Sew and Tell handmade. Sarah is a newer seller and 2016 will be her first official holiday season. In this video you will hear Sarah ask me her most pressing questions as a newer seller heading into the holidays! You will get to be a fly on the wall, hearing someone who might be at the same point as you are ask the same questions you might be having.

The Program will give you positive focus and direction this summer so that you maintain momentum and develop a strategy for the rest of the year! You will not slip into summertime sadness thinking that these slower months mean your business is done for - no, instead you will have the exact steps laid out for you for streamlining for holiday success. 

  • 35 page guide book with workspace, delivered as a PDF
  • Access to the 2 videos, totaling more than 45 minutes running time
  • The blank week by week calendar for June - December. Delivered as a PDF

Companion to the program is my personal filled out week by week calendar which is available for optional purchase here.

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