2018 Spark Starter : 8 Power Plays, Actions and Insights for a Prosperous and Profitable New Year

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2018 Spark Starter : 8 Power Plays, Actions and Insights for a Prosperous and Profitable New Year
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I have a theory that a single idea, small action or insight can start a spark that can then grow to illuminate the path forward. That is the inspiration for this 2018 Spark Starter - I want to share small but mighty power plays, actions and insights to inspire a small flicker for you, and I'm confident you can take it from there to let that spark grow to something much bigger that can burn all year. Let's do it.


2 0 1 8,   L O O K I N G   G O O D

No matter where you are at in your business, 2018 has the potential to be amazing for you!

As we bid 2017 farewell, we can do our best to dream and plan for a fabulous new year! Of course that becomes really overwhelming, really quickly! 12 months is a lot of time, so much can happen! But if we set out to do too many things, or we get anxious just thinking about all the things we must do in all of that time, we crash and burn before the year even begins. Yup, we set ourselves up for failure before we even hit january 2nd. 

Each year is different, and every new year brings it's own unique set of challenges and possibilities - but for each new year we get, we also have more wisdom and experience to apply to it. Every new year stands to be our most inspired yet!


P O W E R  P L A Y S   A C T I O N S  +  I N S I G H T S

With this ebook, you'll be introduced to my 8 power plays, actions and insights for a profitable and prosperous new year. These are the things i'm suggesting you consider this year - to either do, not do, incorporate or ponder. Being profitable and prosperous is about so much more than making sales, or releasing new products, and it requires thinking bigger!

Within the 16 pages of this ebook, there are planning spaces and note taking spaces!

With careful consideration in text and length, as well as breadth, I've isolated 8 simple, actionable items for your consideration - many of which can be done at any point throughout the year, or are mindsets to keep all year. While some of these are mindset shifts or "simple" actions, they can have HUGE, lasting impacts on your business and your bottom line. 

Would I leave you just with that though? No I certainly wouldn't. I've added three bonus worksheets and an accountability contract as well. You'll understand it all when you see it!

There is no time like the present - while any day could be the start of a new year - we are at the point in time where it is ACTUALLY a new year! Start fresh and begin 2017 on the best possible foot.


W H A T  P E O P L E  S A Y

The 2018 Spark Starter is different and new from last year's, but the 2017 spark starter was a huge hit! 


"It's my favorite thing you offer!"

"It's full of little sparks that are easy to do! So glad i bought it!"

"This has made me more organized and focused for 2017!"


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