The Merriweather Council Podcast

The Merriweather Council podcast, hosted by Danielle Spurge, is all about celebrating the reality of gainful self employment through craft. This is a podcast for art and design entrepreneurs - makers, etsy sellers and shopify users! Featuring tips, insights, advice and tough love for handmade business owners in concise format. Focused on sharing realistic ideas and personal experiences with the nuances of handmade business in mind. If you are working to turn your crafty tendencies into profits, tune in every Tuesday and Thursday.

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Listen now! Episode 000: Meet the Merriweather Council Podcast

Episode 001: Meet your Host, Danielle

Episode 002: Rethinking Blogging for Product Sellers

Episode 003: The 6 Signs You Might be Playing Business Rather Than Running it

Episode 004: The Big Biz Discounting Tactic you Should NOT Use

Episode 005: Price and Value are not as Related as you Think

Episode 006: Creativity Philosophy

Episode 007: 1 Simple Step to Avoiding Bad Feedback

Episode 008: Heck YES Product Sellers Solve Problems, Too (+ free worksheet)

Episode 009: What Makes a Great Product Photo

Episode 010: Talking about What You Do, Crafting your Elevator Pitch

Episode 011: Why Etsy Still Matters and How to Change Your Approach to it

Episode 012: How to Mitigate Inventory Issues

Episode 013: The Benefits of Shipping Internationally

Episode 014: You Have a Craft Hoard Now Use it

Episode 015: The Important Thing Square Space Doesn't Do

Episode 016: OMG Those Annoying DIY Comments

Episode 017: Your Market is Not "Too Saturated" Here's Why

Episode 018: Why You Need to Have Your Own Website

Episode 019: Debunking your Inventory Management Excuse

Episode 020: Season One Finale

Bonus Episode: Making Sense of Legal Mumbo Jumbo with Autumn Witt Boyd

Episode 021: Season 2 Opener

Episode 022: A wee bit about why I do what I do

Episode 023: Off Marketplace SEO

Episode 024: The six most expensive words in business

Episode 025: The super basics of wholesale + a little bit about consignment

Episode 026: Are you oversharing on your biz social media?

Episode 027: True life i was flagged for infringement on Etsy

Episode 028: The skinny on printing shipping labels from home

Episode 029: Summer is your most valuable season - learn how to use it wisely

Episode 030: Beyond the Formula: Easily Overlooked Pricing Considerations 

Episode 031: Time Management for Makers in Business: Why it's hard, how to cope

BONUS Episode 3: Why You Definitely Need a Biz Bestie

Episode 032: Join The Council

Episode 033: Why You Should Drop Your Return Customer Coupon

Episode 034: Etsy Pattern: Better but Still Not Best

Episode 035: Observing Disney for Small Biz Inspiration

Episode 036: You're Pricing Too Low and The Rest of Us Are Mad at You



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