MMC Policy + Disclaimer

I developed this course based on my own experiences, observations and of course, learnings. 

The class represents practices and thought processes that have served me well in my handmade business and continue to serve me well as my business grows.

Due to the nature of this class, no refunds will be issued and no returns will be accepted. The class consists mainly of digital downloads, so they cannot be returned.

Your course materials are yours to download, print and use for PERSONAL USE ONLY and may not under any circumstances be shared or duplicated or otherwise distributed. Any person found to be sharing materials or log in credentials with another will lose their course access without refund.

No part of this course may be duplicated or distributed. All materials are copyrighted The Merriweather Council LLC 2015.

Sources are cited within the workbooks when applicable.

No results are guaranteed but I believe if you think creatively, work hard, and participate, you will gain clarity and see results in may forms.


Office hours are subject to change if, you know, life...

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