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I believe you don’t have to do what everybody else is doing.  There are so many possibilities within your own talents and it’s not slimy or weird to make money off it.

Look, I get it. You want to have a fluid lifestyle that isn’t possible working a 9-5, flexibility to allow your creative juices room to wiggle, and be able to spend money freely.  You want to be proud of the work they’re doing, be the greatest “busy” they’ve ever been, and feel like your’re actually providing unique value in the world.

Somehow, that hasn’t happened, because right now you’re listening to the downer opinions of others, doubting your talents, and scared money will never come.  They don’t believe it’s possible to sustain an online crafting business without another job, or crew to help you, because they’ve never seen it done before.

If this sounds like you, you found quite a crafty solution.

I’m Danielle, a craft business consultant who helps entrepreneurial makers like you who want to avoid a corporate career, have freedom to travel, and turn a hobby into a real-life, profitable business. Basically, I am your handmade biz bestie. 

I have been a maker my entire life, and while I don’t make clothes for my large family of American Girl dolls anymore, I’m still that kid sneaking scissors off to my room to destroy/create things.  Embroidery is my craft of choice, but after growing a successful business from something I’ve loved since I was young, I’ve chosen to put aside the needle & thread (for now) to give back a bit.  I help makers who are so excited about the possibility of creating something from the art, craft, and design talent they have! They are ready to build that, and take it anywhere in the world.

Are you ready to turn your talent into profit?

-Stop dilly dallying around, realize saving time is saving money, and get serious.

-Stare fearlessly into the face of business ownership, pick up your fabric scissors, and get started.

-Spend time working on what you love, grow their business, and never be tied down.

-Launch something, keep at it, and make it your only thing!  

When you work with me you have access to all the tips and tricks I’ve picked up over my 5 years in business, tens of thousands of transactions, and features in national and international publications - plus a whole bunch of other first hand experience.  Oh, I’ll also use my experience successfully marketing and growing my business from $8,000 in my first year of handmade business to $74,000 in my second year to get your shop ultra-visible, ultra-profitable, and ultra-awesome.  

As we work together I’ll show you the exact level of commitment necessary to build your brand awareness, keep up with oodles of sales, and support your moneymaking business all on your own.  I will be your personal crafting coach and cheerleader, giving you the confidence and courage you need to fearlessly snip, stitch, and glue your way into a whole new lifestyle (that includes glitter! If you’re into that… Obviously no pressure if not, glitter IS a burden at times). I’ll show you, through courses and ebooks and workshops, how to strategically use (and reuse) content that shares your unique message, reaches the right people, and works harder for you so you can spend more time creating your products and less time guessing about how to market them.

You will build a strong foundation for a career you are proud of, begin generating income you can depend on, and clearly see a future you control:

-Feel empowered by the job you've created for yourself, the fact you made it happen, and the freedom you have to walk your dog at 2pm on a Wednesday.

-Watch your business grow, and never have to settle for a job that sucks your soul out.

-Have confidence in your brand, a website that turns browsers into buyers, and the flexibility to do things you like, when you'd like!



photo credit: amy sandoval photography

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