• Our Best Etsy Resources

    Some of the Best Etsy Resources from The Merriweather Council

    Free Etsy Lessons email series - a week long series delivered to your inbox for free features video and text lessons specific to Etsy sellers. Includes a 20 minute SEO video training.

    What is Etsy Relevancy? - an important aspect of selling on Etsy is understanding relevancy!

    What happens when you put your Etsy shop on vacation? - Here is what you should know about putting your shop on vacation mode + putting some rumors to rest.

    Commonly misunderstood Etsy stuff! - Lots of bad info out there, lots of misunderstandings ... in this podcast episode I'm summarizing some of the frequently misunderstood Etsy policies and other factoids. 

    How to Get Featured on Etsy - An awareness and strategy guide for sellers who want to leverage the power of Etsy by appealing to their system and sensibilities to position for lucrative opportunities.




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